RHminer 1.4 - Pascalcoin mining on CPU and Nvidia graphics cards

RHminer is an optimized miner for the RandomHash algorithm for Pascalcoin cryptocurrency. RHminer is optimized to use x86 CPU with support for SSE4 and AVX instructions. All current Nvidia video cards models from Kepler are supported. If we compare the hashrate obtained by video cards and central processors, then this comparison will not be in favor of the GPU. The Ryzen 2700X CPU will be 6 times faster than the GTX1070. If the Ryzen 2700X produces 3000H / s, then the GTX1070 is only 500H / s, which is equivalent in performance to the old Phenom 2 X4. For comparison, the INTEL i7-7700k processor shows 2100H / s. Those. RHminer will allow you to use powerful modern CPUs with good profitability in mining. For the already mentioned Ryzen 2700X, the yield will be 0.54 USD per day without electricity, which is quite profitable by today's standards. Miner is offered in compiled form for Linux and Windows with a commission of 1%, but source code is also available for self-compilation without a commission of developers. You can download RHminer on GitHub.