MinerOS - a cheap alternative to the popular Linux mining operating system HiveOS

mineros_linux_mining_rigFor miners with large mining power, which they are accustomed to manage using specialized operating systems, such as HiveOS, MinerBabe, SimpleMiningOS, a cheaper alternative called MinerOS has appeared. The main difference from competing products is the lowest usage fees. The marketing is based on the HiveOS policy, i.e. the number of mining rigs up to 3 pieces inclusive are serviced for free, and with a larger number of rigs a monthly fee of 1USD is taken. Which is currently the minimum amount on the market, because HiveOS takes 3USD, and SimpleMiningOS takes 2USD. By functionality, MinerOS offers a typical set of tools for all modern Linux mining systems. If you want to reduce your maintenance costs for your mining capacities, then MinerOS is a simple and quick solution.