Airdrop 60 USDT on until February 21, 2020

thdaxcom_airdrop_60_usdtAirdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrency for fulfilling certain conditions, which motivates users to try a new service and is a fairly powerful marketing tool. The new cryptocurrency exchange, which announced Airdrop in the amount of 60 USDT, went the same way. the remuneration received does not depreciate, as is the case with the airdrop of own tokens, which usually greatly lose in value. To get 60 USDT from you need to fulfill 4 simple conditions.

  1. Registration on the exchange at this link. Payout 20 + 0.5USDT
  2. Pass verification. Payout 10 USDT
  3. Make the first deal on the already available 0.5 USDT. Payout 10.5USDT
  4. Top up the balance with a minimum amount of 0.7USD. Payout 20.5USDT

As a result, you will receive 61.5USDT for fulfilling all 4 conditions in your account. The bulk of which will be frozen until February 21, 2020, i.e. before the expiration of the promotion.

In more detail about the fulfillment of the conditions for obtaining 60USDT on the exchange:

  1. Registration is standard with confirmation of your email. In the Invantion Code field, enter the code: 001086
  2. ID Verification - proof of identity. You need to indicate the series and number of the passport (without spaces), upload your photo with a passport and a leaflet where the name of the exchange is written, your name, and today's date. List all in English. Remuneration will be accrued after the exchange employees verify your documents.
  3. After registration, you will have 0.5USDT available for trading, take this opportunity by making any transaction paired with USDT. First you need to transfer the issued USD from Deposit Account to Exchange Account.
  4. The minimum deposit can be made in Litecoin (LTC) in the amount of 0.01 LTC

It is also indicated in the conditions that the received 0.5USDT for the first transaction will not be frozen and will be available for trading. Frozen 60 USDT can be obtained only by unlocking them, but the conditions for unlocking at the moment are not indicated on the site. Most likely it will be necessary to close several trading transactions for a certain amount. Unlock conditions will be indicated later.

You can also invite your friends via a special link, if your friend is registered and verified, you will receive 5USDT in your account.