New GMiner 2.03 with Qitmeer Mining Support (PMEER)

gminer 2.03In the new version of the GMiner 2.03 GPU miner, support for Qitmeer mining (PMEER) has been added, but do not rush to try mining using the just added Cuckoo24 algorithm. Keep in mind that Qitmeer mining support (PMEER) is provided with 5%! by the developer’s commission, and apparently, the mining process requires significant resources of the central processing unit (CPU). From this it follows that you may have certain problems when mining Qitmeer using the latest version of Gminer on systems with typical 2-core central processors that have low performance. Gminer software was originally intended only for Nvidia's GPUs, however, support for AMD cards for some mining algorithms was added in the latest versions of the program. It is worth noting that the program comes with closed source code in the form of an executable file for the Windows and Linux operating systems and a built-in developer commission of 2%. Download the latest version of Gminer 2.0.3.