RavenCoin - hard fork in April 2020 for the new mining algorithm KAWPOW

ravencoin-kawpowThe cryptocurrency development team Raven Coin has announced yet another hardfork of its cryptocurrency to change the mining algorithm from X16RV2 to KAWPOW. That will allow once again to drop ASIC and FPGA devices from mining, leaving only GPU miners in mining. The previous attempt when switching to X16RV2 was not a long success because X16R and X16RV2 are very close in structure. When switching to the KAWPOW algorithm (a modification of PROGPOW), developers promise a longer period of time for mining on the GPU. The date and block of the hard fork has not yet been announced, but now you can download the kawpowminer and configure it, test your hardware on the new mining algorithm.


  Expected hashrate of Nvidia video cards based on KAWPOW algorithm:


- GTX 1050Ti: ~ 5  MH/s
- GTX 1060: ~ 9,5 MH/s
- GTX 1070: ~ 14 MH/s
- GTX 1070Ti: ~ 14 MH/s
- GTX 1080Ti: ~ 24,5 MH/s