TeamRedMiner 0.7.1 - fast KAWPOW miner for AMD graphics cards

teamredminer kawpow ravencoin amd After the hard fork of the Ravencoin cryptocurrency and the advent of the KawPow mining algorithm, all popular miners acquired support for this algorithm. But among them, TeamRedMiner 0.7.1 can be distinguished as the fastest KAWPOW miner to date for AMD video cards. Compared to competitors (Nanominer, NBminer, WildRig Multi) TeamRedMiner can offer 1-9 MH / s more for KawPow depending on the model of the video card. Hashrates of video cards based on the KawPow algorithm: RX570 - 13 Mh/s, RX580 - 14 Mh/s, Veg56 - 25 Mh/s, Vega 64 - 26 Mh/s, Vega 7 - 40Mh/s, RX5700XT - 28Mh/s. The commission for mining with TeamRedMiner on the KawPow algorithm is 2%, you can download the miner on GitHub.