T-rex 0.11.1 - improved performance on the X25X algorithm by 200%

t-rex_0111_x25x_sinovate_miningIn the T-rex multiminer for Nvidia video cards in version 0.11.0, support for the X25x algorithm for mining Sinovate cryptocurrency was added. In the next update, 0.11.1, the performance of the miner T-rex on the X25x algorithm was increased by 200%. Hashrate of video cards: GTX1070-3.6MH/s, GTX1080ti - 7.5MH/s, RTX2070 - 5MH/s, RTX2080 - 8.5MH/s. Miner is available for Windows and Linux, the commission for using a miner is 1%. You can download the latest version of the T-Rex miner on GitHub