djm34 ccminer v1.1.21 - increased hashrate of Nvidia RTX20XX video cards on the MTP algorithm

ccminer-djm34-mtpModified open source miner cjmin34 for mining cryptocurrency Zcoin (MTP mining algorithm) in the latest version 1.1.24 received improved support for mining on Nvidia video cards of the latest generation RTX20XX. The Nvidia Geforce RTX2080ti video card on the MTP mining algorithm now delivers 5.5MH / s, and the previous top GTX1080Ti  is only 3.9MH / s considering OhGodAPill usage (without the hashrate of the pill will be 3.5Mh / s). For the GTX1070, the hash rate is 2.6MH / s and 2.5MH / s, with and without a pill, respectively. Because This is a modified software from the free ccminer miner, the commission can be turned off by the special command --no-donation, by default the commission is included at a rate of 0.25%. Source code and compiled versions for Linux and Windows are available for download on Github . To work, the miner requires a minimum of 4.5Gb of video memory and 5.5Gb of RAM.