CryptoDredge 0.10.0 - HMQ1725 algorithm added and performance improved for other algorithms

cryptodredgeIn version 10 of the CryptoDredge multi-miner, support for the mining algorithm HMQ1725, and was added the performance on the X22i, BCD, X17 algorithms was also increased. That allowed to come close to the results of the competing miner T-REX . In the previous version 0.9.7, which we did not cover, the performance for the Skunkhash algorithm was also increased. CryptoDredge Miner is available for mining on 27 different algorithms for Nvidia video cards with CUDA 5.0 support and newer, but for video cards with at least 2Gb of video memory. More information on video cards supporting CUDA 5 and newer can be found on Wikipedia here. You can download the CryptoDredge miner on the Bitcointalk forum and familiarize yourself with the performance of this miner on various video cards and algorithms.