Poloniex Futures - Bitcoin Futures with 100x Leverage Available on Poloniex Exchange

poloniex futures

Trading in bitcoin futures has been gaining momentum recently, as Already, the trading volume on the cryptocurrency futures market exceeds the classic spot cryptocurrency market by 4 times. Moreover, the trading volume on the spot market has been constantly falling since the spring of 2020, and interest in cryptocurrency derivatives, including futures, on the contrary, is constantly growing. Those. we can say that more and more professional traders and funds come to cryptocurrency trading who hedge their risks with the help of futures. The main trading in futures is now taking place on specialized platforms such as CME, BAKKT, but classic cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Huobi and Poloniex also began to develop this direction.


While Binance , with a futures trading volume of $ 2.8 billion per day, is the leader among the classic exchanges, while Poloniex is one of the oldest exchanges, it has started trading Bitcoin futures in Beta mode just now. While testing the platform for trading bitcoin futures, Poloniex gives everyone the opportunity to open a demo account in the amount of 10,000 USDT for familiarization and training in trading bitcoin futures with a leverage of 100k1. If you want to understand the work of futures contracts on the cryptocurrency market, then the offer to open a free futures demo account on the Poloniex exchange will be an excellent solution for you to practice without risking losing real cryptocurrency assets.