GRIN coin calculator, how to calculate mining profitability

grin coin calculator

In the article about the fastest miner for cryptocurrency GRIN, we already found out that the video card of the GTX1080Ti level gives around 8 USD per day. Next, we will tell you how to calculate the profitability of mining for your hashrate independently. To do this, you need to know several parameters: the network hashrate, block size, block time and your hashrate, respectively. The block size in a cryptocurrency network GRIN is known to be 60, the block time is 60 seconds or 1 minute. By simple calculations, we learn that 86400 GRIN coins are mined per day.

The entire network hashrate can be viewed on the pool, which now amounts to 431412 GBS

The essence of the calculation consists in dividing the total hashrate by your hashrate, then the daily volume of coins received from mining is divided by the resulting number.

For one GTX1080Ti video card with 6GBS hashrate, we get the following calculation:

GRIN = 86400 / (431412/6) = 86400/71902 = 1.2 GRIN Coin

The cost of one GRIN coin on the BitForex exchange is equal to 7 USD, i.e. we get income from one GTX1080Ti video card about 8 USD per day.

Such a calculation does not claim to maximize accuracy, so it’s worthwhile to treat it as a preliminary calculation that allows you to roughly estimate the income from mining GRIN cryptocurrency at the moment.