Double mining Karlsen (KLS) + Zilliqua (ZIL) with payouts in Bitcoin (BTC)

If you are a miner and want to get maximum profitability from mining while the profitability of the Karlsen (KLS) coin is so high, you can set up dual mining (Dual mining) KLS + ZIL using the updated Rigel miner 1.10.0, and also receive reward payments immediately - in Bitcoin (BTC) or in any other supported currency using the auto conversion feature if you choose to use the Unmineable pool. Thanks to this, you do not have to install a local wallet, or mine on a wallet that can be provided to you by “small exchanges” (such as Xeggex, Nonkyc or TradeOgre), where a deposit in KLS is available. This approach to mining is very similar to how Nicehash does it, unfortunately they have not yet added support for this profitable coin.

In addition to the Rigel miner, the latest version of GMiner (only for Nvidia video cards) also added support for double mining with ZIL. Miners such as BzMiner, lolMiner and SRBMiner-muli still do not support KLS+ZIL dual mining mode. In our case, we prefer to use the Rigel miner because of its simplicity and convenience, and if you previously used Rigel to mine Kaspa (KAS), you can very easily switch to Karlsen mining just by changing the mining algorithm and wallet address to Karlson.

Example of .bat file settings for starting KLS+ZIL mining on the Unmineable pool with payments in Bitcoins (BTC)

@echo off
@cd /d "%~dp0"

rigel.exe -a karlsenhash+zil ^
-o [1]stratum+tcp:// -u [1]BTC:<YOUR BITCOIN WALLET> ^
-o [2]stratum+tcp:// -u [2]<YOUR ZIL WALLET> ^
-w klszil#8eyj-kx9n --log-file logs/miner.log --no-strict-ssl ^
--cclock 250 ^
--lock-cclock [1]1750 --lock-mclock [1]807 ^
--lock-cclock [2]1050 --mclock [2]1000

The above settings are suitable for mining on an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 video card, check that you have replaced the <YOUR BITCOIN WALLET> and <YOUR ZIL WALLET> fields with your wallet addresses, you can also change "klszil" after -w and before # to any other worker name you like. As for overclocking, since Karlsen (as in the case of Kaspa) uses video memory poorly, you can turn the memory frequency to a minimum, and on the contrary, raise the GPU frequency to the most stable one for your GPU, thus reducing power consumption and heating and increasing efficiency and profitability production The last 3 lines are responsible for frequencies and overclocking.

The standard pool commission is 1%, but if you use our referral code 8eyj-kx9n in the worker name after the # icon, the pool commission will be reduced to 0.75%! - and this is currently the lowest commission among all Karlsen mining pools.

You can check the current mining status using the links below:

  • For Unmineable: BITCOIN WALLET
  • For Crazypool: ZIL WALLET