TeamRedMiner 0.8.0 - major changes in the performance and efficiency of Ethereum mining on AMD video cards

teamred miner 8 amd radeon 7 hashrate ethereumTeamRedMiner is specialized software for mining cryptocurrencies on AMD graphics cards, with support for over 25 different mining algorithms. In the latest version of Team Red Miner 0.8.0, released on January 19, 2021, the developers made major changes to the program code, rewriting the kernel for all types of GPUs. In the eighth version, new operating modes B-mode and C-mode have appeared, with the help of which you can choose a more productive or more energy efficient mode of operation of video cards in mining. The operating mode is set using the --eth_aggr_mode command. So, for example, in C mode, the AMD Radeon 7 video card in Ethereum mining produces 12.5MH/s more than in the previous version of the miner, which in total gives a little more than 100Mh/s. Power consumption increased by only 8W to 192W. For other models of video cards, the changes are the same significant, although not as dramatic as for the Radeon 7.

For Polaris video cards (RX470 - RX580), a new miner and a new B mode gives an additional 0.4Mh/s and at the same time the power consumption becomes 0.89W less
For Vega 56/64 video cards hashrate increased by 0.27MH/s with a decrease in power consumption by 5.8W
RX5700 with the same hashrate of 60Mh/s reduced power consumption by 9W
Unfortunately, the RX5600XT did not get any serious advantages, so for these video cards, mode A remains by default.

More details with changes in hash rate, power consumption of various models of video cards and different versions of miners can be studied from the table below:
Nitro+ 580 8GB Samsung, core 1150@840mV, mem 2100@840mV, ref 30

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A256 30.73 MH/s sensor 79.66W  
0.8.0 A-mode A194 30.97 MH/s sensor 78.25W -1.41W
0.8.0 B-mode B232 31.13 MH/s sensor 78.77W -0.89W
Vega 56/64
Vega 56 ref Samsung, A-mode 1065@850mV, B-mode 1000@850mV, mem 950@850mV, TRM timings

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A872 50.08 MH/s sensor 115.98W  
0.8.0 A-mode A448 50.32 MH/s sensor 111.15W -4.83W
0.8.0 B-mode B450 50.31 MH/s sensor 110.15W -5.83W
Radeon VII
Radeon VII Hynix, core 1600MHz@881mV, mem 1000MHz with timings

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 B-mode B740 87.87 Mh/s sensor 185.25W  
0.8.0 B-mode B208 87.85 Mh/s sensor 177.38W -7.87W
0.8.0 C-mode C322 100.4 Mh/s sensor 192.54W +7.29W +12.53Mh/s
Red Devil 5700XT Micron A-Mode 1400@725mV, B-Mode 1245@675mV, Mem 912 MHz

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A624 56.05 MH/s sensor 105.82W  
0.8.0 A-mode A620 56.08 MH/s sensor 103.61W -2.21W
0.8.0 B-mode B608 56.01 MH/s sensor 96.83W  -8,99W


Important: TeamRedMiner 0.8.0 for Polaris video cards with 4Gb does not provide any advantages, it makes sense to switch only for 8Gb versions. The developers also warn that with the transition to the new version, the memory load will increase, due to which your current frequency and voltage from memory may not work stably and you may have to select the optimal parameters again.

You can download TeamRedMiner 0.8.0 on GitHub