Bminer 15.5 - dual mining ETH + VBK

bminer-15-5 dualminer eth+VBKBecause The popular mining algorithm on ETHash video cards does not use all the GPU resources, so the so-called dual mining has been relevant for a long time. The essence of which is to combine mining EThash, which more involves the memory subsystem and another algorithm, which more uses the computing power of the GPU itself. This results in a higher profitability from a single video card. The popular Bminer has long been offering dual Ethereum cryptocurrency mining mode, but the latest version has a new dual mode, in which VeriBlock can be mined as a second currency. More details about Veriblock or VBK can be found in this article. In addition to the new dual-mode in version 15.5, the performance for the Cuckatoo algorithm was slightly improved. Download the latest version on the website.