Custom firmware for ASICs Bitmain - 100TH/s for Antminer S17

asic firmware antminerAll ASIC miners are controlled by special software, which, like any program, can be modified to meet various requirements. At the same time, manufacturers of ASICs emphasize the stability of work, which was as little as possible defects and returns. Custom firmware usually add additional functionality for overclocking (overclocking) ASIC chips to get the most out of their capabilities with a possible loss of stability and equipment life. Because Bitmain ASICs are the most common, therefore, various options for non-factory firmware also exist most. Next, we will consider the next variation of firmware for ASICs of the Antminer S9 and S17 generation, allowing to increase the hashrate of mining equipment by 30%30%.

Replacing the standard firmware with custom firmware will increase the hashrate and downvolt the chips by 15-20%, which will also affect the power consumption for the better. and, accordingly, on your mining income.

Bitmain Antminer T17 55TH/S and 3272W on factory firmware can be converted to 65TH/s and 3000W on custom.

Bitmain Antminer S17 70TH/s and 3156W can be upgraded to 85TH/s and 3700W or to 100TH/s and 4000W

You can also limit yourself to only reducing the energy consumption of your ASIC miners by 15-20%, which will also save on electricity bills.

You can download and install firmware for ASICs on the website for free, but a 2.8% commission is built into the firmware itself. Those. Your asic miner will switch 2.8% of the total time to mining for developers.

It is also worth noting that the power supplies supplied with the miners may not cope with the increased power consumption of ASICs after increasing the hashrate. The same can be said about standard air cooling, which is not designed for 4000W instead of 3100W. In this case, the use of immersion cooling is contemplated.

Increasing the performance of Asic miners from Bitmain is available both in manual and in auto mode. Developers do not recommend using manual frequency and voltage adjustments when exceeding 20% ​​of the nominal.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the new firmware provides several more advantages:

Overclocking: over 85th/s with S17 and 65th/s T17!
ASICboost and autotuning: On all of our versions include auto-tuning frequency to get the best efficiency as well as utilizing ASICboost.
Decrease Hardware Errors
No Bmminer
Immersion-ready/Fan Disable: Support for high-efficiency liquid immersion cooling by disabling the fan in the settings.
Lower Thermal Threshold: Lowers default overheat protection to ensure machines last longer.
Full-farm deployment: Send out a configuration file to an unlimited number of miners on the same network. No reboot required!
Power monitoring: Built-in wattmeter function.
Search: Find Other Asic on the network.
Password Change: Ability to mass change passwords and ssh port.
Multi-ASIC roll-out: Setup one machine and install it on all of them with just 1 click.
Free – Download and begin using immediately.  Small 2.8% fee to keep the project going.
Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S17/T17,S9/S9i/S9j models.
Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best hashboard stability and performance.
Sleep Mode: Mining can stop and fans drop to normal speed using very little power.
Asic Virus Scanner: Tool that checks pre-owned asics for night switcher and other variants.
Easy Uninstallation

Replacing the firmware, as well as any interference with the operation of complex electronic equipment, can invalidate your hardware warranty and disable it completely. Therefore, you use the use of such modifications at your own peril and risk.