CLORE.AI - a new interesting coin for mining

The CLORE.AI project is an attempt to create a distributed supercomputer where ordinary users can rent out their computing power and get paid in BTC or in CLORE coins for using their equipment. On this platform, a market for distributed computing power around the world will be launched, where it will be possible to lease and rent power at competitive prices. To work on the CLORE.AI platform, you will need a computer or a mining rig equipped with an Nvidia graphics adapter. In addition, the project has its own blockchain, which is part of the platform ecosystem where you can mine CLORE coins using the KAWPOW algorithm (like RavenCoin).


A total of 1,300,000,000 CLORE coins will be issued on the platform, with the block reward gradually decreasing with the discovery of each new block. (starting from 542 coins at the start of the network launch and currently about 527 coins in block 64000). The average block time is about 1 minute. Please note that the block reward is distributed as follows: 50% goes to miners, 40% to hosting providers, and the remaining 10% as developer rewards, which will be used to develop the platform. At the moment, CLORE.AI already has a fully functional GPU market that can be used for any Linux workload (such as rendering, transcoding, password recovery, etc.).

At the moment there are already more than 10 mining pools for this project, for example, and Trading of the CLORE coin is available on two small exchanges: TxBit and Exbitron. And the KAWPOW mining algorithm has long been supported by a huge number of mining software such as GMiner, T-Rex, WildRig Multi, NBminer and others. Depending on your graphics card, you can choose the miner that has the best hashrate on your hardware. The KAWPOW algorithm is both GPU and VRAM intensive, so you should expect higher GPU consumption.

Official website of the CLORE.AI project. You can calculate the profitability of CLORE mining on the website