MicroBitcoin (MBC) - CPU coin based on Power2b algorithm

MicroBitcoin (MBC) - CPU coin based on Power2b algorithmMicroBitcoin (MBC) appeared some time ago as a fork from Bitcoin on block 525000, but since its inception, it managed to undergo some changes and is now interesting mainly for those who are interested in mining on the central processor (CPU mining). MicroBitcoin currently uses the power2b algorithm for its mining, which uses a CPU for mining. power2b is a modification of the yespower algorithm and replaces sha256 with blake2b in it. Power2b or otherwise yespower2b is a "cpu-only" algorithm for which there are no available GPU miners, FPGA and ASIC miners. And although one processor may not earn you a lot of MicroBitcoin per day, you can still use MicroBitcoin CPU mining to load your CPU with something useful.

There are a number of CPU miners with support for the power2b algorithm (yespower2b), two of which seem to be most suitable for use. At the moment, the fastest of all miners we have tested is the latest closed source miner SRBMiner-MULTI with a developer commission of 0.85%. In addition, there is a slightly slower cpuminer-opt with open source and no mining fees (if you wish, you can support the donations directly). If you are interested in mining MicroBitcoin do not hesitate to try both miners on your equipment and see what will be better in your case. In our tests, SRBMiner-MULTI proved to be faster even considering the additional commission. It should be noted that Intel processors show themselves much better in this algorithm compared to AMD. The Intel Core i7-6850k processor (6 cores, 12 threads) manages to show a hashrate in the region of 1550 H / s, when as AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (12 cores, 24 threads) - only about 1000 H / s. Thus, owners of AMD processors may refuse to mining on this algorithm in favor of coins based on the RandomX algorithm and its variation, where AMD processors manage to achieve much better results compared to Intel.

There are several mining pools with support for MicroBitcoin mining, but the best of them are: HashPoolRplant, Zergpool, Zpool и Skypool. Zergpool и Zpool support the MBC mining option with receiving MBCg rewards or MBC mining and auto-converting the reward directly to Bitcoin. The preferred exchange for selling mined MicroBitcoin is Stex, which has two pairs available with it: MBC/ETH and MBC/USDT. Read more on the official website.