Blum is a crypto exchange inside Telegram with Airdrop and an analogue of Notcoin from the former top manager of Binance CIS Vladimir Smerkis

Blum is a new project from Vladimir Smerkis, a former top manager of the Binance team in the CIS. The Binance Labs team selected Blum as one of the leading startups to participate in the MVB VII - The Most Valuable Builder Accelerator Program. Blum is a simple cryptocurrency trading app and hybrid CEX/DEX exchange. The project has big plans: to unite more than 30 networks with their tokens in one application. But the most interesting thing is that the Blum project has launched an analogue of Play to Earn (play to earn) of the sensational Telegram game Notcoin, the listing of tokens of which is awaited by more than 35 million players. At the moment, entry and play are limited and each player can invite no more than 5 friends. In the future, the project plans to airdrop based on the results and achievements in this “poke game”. If you are interested in this project, you can find invitation links at the end of this material. Keep in mind that only 5 invitation links are available per account, so hurry to join only if you really want to participate in this project. We will try to update and add new invitations as much as possible.

To start using Blum, go to the bot using one of the links at the end of the article, register an account, and all you have to do is click on the button to receive points every 8 hours. When conducting an Airdrop from Blum, the number of points you accumulate in the game will be taken into account when calculating rewards. You can earn your first points by subscribing to several social networks. Each player has a limited number of invitations (5 in total), so when you invite friends, try to choose the most interested and active ones.

Some information about the Blum hybrid exchange: is a hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform accessible through the Telegram messenger. The project was developed by the former top manager of the European division of Binance Gleb Kostarev and his colleagues Vladimir Maslyakov and Vladimir Smerkis. Blum Exchange provides easy access to a variety of coins, tokens and derivatives directly from the Telegram mini-app. The project was selected by Binance Labs from 700 participants in the 7th season of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator, where a total of 13 projects were selected. Platform advisors from TT Academy took into account the current problems of cryptocurrency trading in 2024 and created a product convenient for users:

  • Trading occurs directly from non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask and TrustWallet.

  • The Blum platform uses a mixed type system that combines an offchain order book and onchain settlements.

  • Simplified access to new assets thanks to an automated token listing system based on asset liquidity analysis.

  • Simple and secure P2P trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • Access to simple futures, options, NFT asset futures and Pre-Market Trading.

If you are interested in this project, hurry up to join, since the number of invitations that we can issue is strictly limited. Whenever possible, we will add new invitations and remove existing ones. Therefore, if you are currently unable to join the game, come back to this article a little later, new invitations may appear.


Available invitations: