The taping games are becoming more and more interesting. Tower Defense game with future Airdrop

Now we are seeing how Play To Earn games, which began with the simplest pokes and farms, over time begin to acquire gameplay and turn into projects that are quite interesting from the point of view of gameplay. One of these projects is our today's hero - the game ZarGates Retrodrop. This project is a prominent representative of games in the Tower Defense style. I think this game genre needs no introduction among fans of games on smartphones, for example, the best examples of such games are the Kingdom Rush and Bloons 3D series on mobile phones.

The gameplay of ZarGates Retrodrop is that you will need to build and upgrade various defensive towers in order to prevent your enemy from entering your camp through a maze of corridors. When you first start the game, you will be offered a short tutorial. The game is made in the form of a telegram bot, like other similar PlayToEarn games. To receive the Airdrop you will need to accumulate 1,000,000 points, and this game will not require much time from you, since you are given one attempt in the game every 12 hours. The game has three levels of an affiliate program, so you can invite your friends to it and thereby bring yourself closer to receiving the coveted Airdrop in the future. In addition, we managed to discover that this is not the first project of this company and they have already made decent products, so there is every chance that the developer will be able to make an excellent game.

Personally, I lasted quite a long time in the first game, installed and upgraded all the basic towers and earned about 29,000 points in one game. However, for further progress, apparently, it was necessary to demolish the cheaper towers and install and upgrade the most expensive ones in their place. But still, in my opinion, this is an excellent result for the first attempt, considering that this is my favorite genre of mobile games. Now I can't wait for 12 hours to pass and I'll have my next attempt to play to beat my own record or the records of other players. I highly recommend this project, especially after monotonous tapping games, and the promised Airdrop will be an excellent reward for the small amount of time you spend in the game. Start playing the exciting game ZarGates Retrodrop and get your Airdrop.