Notcoin Price

what is the price of notcoinAmong Telegram users, the cryptocurrency Notcoin has gained significant popularity, as it can be mined simply by tapping on the screen or performing certain actions. This type of cryptocurrency is known as clickers. Because acquiring Notcoin requires nothing but time investment, it has gained widespread adoption. If you look at the top accounts, some users have managed to accumulate over 1 billion coins. However, regardless of the amount of NOT coins in your wallet, everyone is interested in knowing the value of the cryptocurrency Notcoin.

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Finding out the current price of Notcoin is quite problematic because there is no mechanism for transferring Notcoin cryptocurrency to other accounts or exchanges yet, but everyone is eagerly awaiting this moment. It is from this moment that it will be possible to start exchanging the earned cryptocurrency for money on exchanges or between individuals.

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However, despite this, it is already possible to approximately determine the price of Notcoin, as the cryptocurrency exchange, specializing in trading the TON coin cryptocurrency and other tokens on the TON blockchain, is launching futures on NOTcoin on February 15.

By the way, trading on the exchange can be done not only on the website in the browser but also using a bot in Telegram.

The price of Notcoin futures is 1.18 TON coin for 1,000,000 NOT coins or 2.5 USD for 1 million Notcoins at the current exchange rate. In USD, the price of 1 Notcoin at this rate will be 0.0000025 USD.

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For those who do not know what futures are, it is not the asset or cryptocurrency itself, but its derivative, i.e., a contract for the future delivery of the asset to the futures owner when it becomes possible. Therefore, if you are looking for where to sell your received Notcoins, it is not yet possible to do so, but in the future, the platform may become the place where Notcoin will be traded.

The OKX exchange has confirmed the launch of Notcoin trading on April 20, 2024. Hurry up to register in advance and pass verification if you want to sell Notcoin at the start of trading.

If this indeed happens and Notcoin can be sold, then the price of futures will definitely rise, and if you believe in this project, you can buy Notcoin futures now.