Hamster Kombat news: updated combo cards and new Lord league

New combo cards have appeared in the popular PlayToEarn project Hamster Kombat, this time they are “Margin trading X50” from the Markets tab, “Two factor authentication” from PR&Team and “Consensus Piranha Pass” from the Special section. Be sure to upgrade them to get a bonus of 5,000,000 coins, unless of course the cost of upgrade for you does not exceed this amount. In addition, the developers have added a new league called “Lord” for those players whose coin balance exceeded 1 billion coins. If you have such an opportunity, then accumulate this number of coins, and then pump up your mining speed further. We remind you that according to past statements by the development team, the Airdrop of the $HMSTR token will be calculated from your coin mining speed, which will then be traded on exchanges. If you are still not involved in this project, we strongly recommend you give it a try; in our opinion, this is one of the most interesting successors to the sensational NotCoin.