Hamster Kombat: what parameters will affect the Airdrop?

Official information has appeared from the developers of the game Hamster Kombat. Due to the huge number of recurring questions from the community, the developers decided to give a couple of comments and clarify what parameters will affect the upcoming Airdrop of the project. “Airdrop will depend on profit per hour and some other activity parameters, which we will reveal later, and NOT on the coin balance,” the game developers clarified.

In addition, the developers mentioned that they are currently facing problems with server overload due to the high popularity of the game. Let us recall that news was recently published that the number of registered accounts in Hamster Kombat has exceeded 100 million. The developers promised to solve problems with the servers as soon as possible so that nothing would prevent their players from enjoying their favorite game.

Let's join the game before it's definitely too late and get an Airdrop of $HMSTR coins in the future.