CryptoDredge 0.19.0 - Argon2d (250/4096) algorithm added

cryptodredge19 argon2d nvidia minerFor Nvidia miner CryptoDredge there were no updates for more than a month, because the previous version 0.18.0 was released on April 4th. In the new 19 version of CryptoDredge, in addition to the appearance of the new algorithm Argon2d (Dinamic, UraniumX, ZumyCoin cryptocurrency), the miner got rid of the support of several mining algorithms that were not widely used at once. In addition, in the current version, CryptoDredge can offer an increased hash rate for the MTP and CryptoNight algorithms. Download the latest version of CryptoDredge and familiarize yourself with the available hashrate for Nvidia video cards on the Bitcointalk forum.