NBminer 31.1 - Cuckatoo32 algorithm support for Nvidia video cards with 8Gb or more video memory

nbminer cuckatoo32 nvidia grinIn version 31.1, NBminer added support for the Cuckatoo32 mining algorithm, GRIN, and compared to competing miners, Gminer, Bminer offers the best energy efficiency. Because Gminer shows a 14% worse hash rate with the CPU loaded the most, and Bminer with the same hashrate consumes 10% more power. Bminer hash rates are greatly overestimated with those that F2pool mining pool really shows. For NBminer, we do not have such statistics yet, but it is possible that according to the real hash, NBminer will also be better than Bminer. Hashrates of Nvidia video cards based on the Cuckatoo32 algorithm: GTX1070 - 0.36 G/s, GTX1070ti - 0.41G/s, GTX1080ti - 0.63 G/s, GTX2080 - 0.65 G/s. You can download the latest version of NBminer on Github.