Updated z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU Miner with improved performance

Обновленный z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU Miner с улучшенной производительностьюThere was another update of the zealot / enemy-1.17 (z-enemy), which added support for new mining algorithms, as well as increased performance on some algorithms. The new version of the miner has a significant performance gain (5-10%) for X16R, X16S, XDNA (HEX), X17, Bitcore (BTX), C11, Sonoa, Renesis and Aergo. Chippest video cards such as GTX1050 and GTX 1060 should also receive a few percent of additional performance in the mining. It is also worth noting that the latest version of the miner is now much less dependent on the frequency of the video memory and allows you to start the production process with memory frequencies up to -500 MHz without loss in performance.

z-enemy 1.17 is compiled with support for CUDA 9.1-9.2 for 64 and 32 different versions of Windows OS and with support for CUDA 9.0-9.2 for Linux (HiveOS, PiMP, OS, EthOS, Ubuntu). Please note that for the best performance in the mining it is recommended to install the latest version of video drivers for NVIDIA GPU (398+). We remind you that z-enemy is a software with closed source code, available only as executable files and contains 1% commission for further support and software development.

Обновленный z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU Miner с улучшенной производительностью