CCminer Tpruvot 2.3.1 - Lyra2Rev3 algorithm support for Vertcoin mining

February 2, 2019 in the Vertcoin cryptocurrency network will happen hardfork with a change in the mining algorithm from Lyra2Rev2 to Lyra2Rev3. Using the latest version of ccminer Tpruvot 2.3.1, owners of Nvidia video cards will be able to prepare for this transition in advance, in order to get the maximum benefit in the first hours of the Vertcoin hard forks. In addition to Lyra2Rev3, 3 more algorithms were added: sha256q, exosis, blake2b.

Ccminer requirements:

Driver version 410.48 and newer
Cuda 10 and SM3 + video cards
Download the source code or compiled for Windows version on GitHub