Cryptodredge 0.17.0 - support for Cuckaroo29, CuckooCircle, CryptonightGPU, CryptonightTurtle

CryptoDredge multimedia for Nvidia video cards in the latest version 17.0 immediately added 4 new algorithms: Cuckaroo29 (GRIN), CuckooCircle (Aeternity), CryptoNightGPU and CryptonightTurtle. Since The currency of GRIN is of the greatest interest to the miners, so we will immediately inform you that the hash rate offered by this miner on the Cuckaroo29 algorithm is currently lower than that of the competitors Bminer and Gminer. Cryptodredge takes a commission of 1% and is available for Windows and Linux systems. You can download the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.