Lolminer 1.22 - significantly improved zombie mod for video cards with 4Gb video memory (25-28MH/s)

lolminer 4gb hashrateThe next update Lolminer 1.22 is mandatory for all owners of video cards with 4Gb video memory, because when mining Ethereum, you will get 15-20% more hashrate compared to other miners. In addition, when you install the RX580 4Gb video card directly into the PCIE16x slot (all 16 lines are involved), the hash rate of your video card will be 25-28MH/s instead of 11-13MH/s on other miners. The improvement in hash rate is achieved due to the use of computer RAM and 16 PCIE lines give faster access to this memory compared to using risers that use only one line. Such an improvement in the operation of 4 gigabyte video cards is available only in linux operating systems (HiveOS, RaveOS). Unfortunately, with an increase in the DAG file, the hash rate of such video cards will continue to decrease, but at the moment this is the most profitable solution in terms of return on investment, since so far, no other cryptocurrency provides the same income as Ethereum mining. In addition, Lolminer has auto-tuning, which simplifies the transition from other miners to the maximum. You can download Lolminer 1.22 on GitHub