Binance Exchange raffles off 385,000 USD among its traders

binance условия розыгрыша Trading strategy competiyion

From October 18, 2018 to November 1, 2018, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance will hold a large-scale competition for its traders with a prize fund of 37.000BNB (385.000USD at the current exchange rate). Binance will select 50 participants in the Trading Strategy nomination and 200 participants in the Lottery nomination as winners. Details of the competition, read below.

As we have already said, the competition will be in two nominations and the main prize pool at 27.0000 BNB will be played in the nomination Trading Strategy

1st place: 8,000 BNB

2nd place: 4,000 BNB

3rd place: 2,000 BNB

From 4th to 10th place: only 6,000 BNB

From 11th to 50th place: only 7,000 BNB

In order to become a participant in this nomination, you need to fulfill quite difficult conditions:

Users must have reserves of at least 0.1 BTC or equivalent at the beginning of the competition;
During the contest, no withdrawals are allowed;
Deposits and referral commissions received during the period of the competition are not included in the calculation.
However, income from new deposits will be taken into account when calculating the final income;
As a unit of calculation used exclusively BTC.
The winner in this nomination will be determined by the maximum yield in percentage terms. Those. 8.000 BNB or 83.0000 USD will be received by the trader who was able to maximize his deposit by trading with at least 0.1BTC on the account as of the date of the start of the competition (October 18, 2018).

If you have a desire to take part in this contest, then hurry to make a deposit on the Binance Exchange before October 18.

The second competition with a prize fund of 10,000 BNB will be distributed randomly among 200 participants who, during the duration of the competition, will make a turnover in the amount of 1BTC on any pair of trades on the Binance exchange. Those. If you carry out transactions before November 1 for a total amount of at least 1 Bitcoin, then you will have a chance to win 50BNB or 520USD.

Current results can be observed in your account.

The results of this action will be announced live with the broadcast on all popular social networks 2 weeks after the end, i.e. in the middle of November.

In our memory, this is the most generous contest that cryptocurrency companies conducted to attract new customers. If you are not yet registered on the Binance Exchange, then we recommend that you register and participate in the 385.000USD raffle.

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