Miner for AMD video cards Wild Rig - began to support the algorithms X22i, Exosis, Skunkhash, TimeTravel10

wild rig miner x22i for video card AMDRecently, such a tendency has developed that with the advent of new encryption algorithms for cryptocurrencies, miners appear first only for Nvidia video cards, and after a while, new algorithms become available for AMD video card owners. Although earlier it was the opposite because of what AMD video cards were more popular with miners. Wild Rig is one of the few multi-miners for AMD video cards in which it supports many new algorithms, and for some it remains the only possible option if you have an AMD video card. In the current version, the Miner Wild Rig began to support 4 new algorithms at once: X22i, Exosis, Skunkhash, TimeTravel10. Wild Rig supports video cards on Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, GFX900, Ellsemere, Buffin chips. For owners of old video cards of the R9 series, you need to additionally download an archive with bin files for these video cards. Miner is available for Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and Hive OS. Download Wild Rig on the  Bitcointalk forum.