Z-enemy 1.23 - plus 10-20% hashrate for RTX 2070, 2080, 2080Ti video cards

z-enemyThe Nvidia Z-enemy video card multiminer is the first of the miners to offer significantly better production figures for the Nvidia Turing video cards. Depending on the algorithm, the hash rate of the RTX20x0 video card increased by 10-20%, and the hash rate of previous versions of the GTX10x0 did not change much. The developers did not disclose what made it possible to achieve such an increase in productivity, i.e. It is not known whether new intelligent blocks and tensor cores of Turing GPU were used in the mining process or not. For maximum performance, it is recommended to use the latest driver version 415 and newer. Even if you do not have new RTX video cards, still use the Miner version for Cuda 10, as this version shows the highest performance for all Nvidia video cards. You can download the latest version of the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.