CryptoDredge 0.12.0 added Pipe and Dedal algorithms

Programmers developing various mining software do not seem to be in the know or do not share the general mood about dying mining cryptocurrencies,  so the high activity on the release of new versions of miners on the contrary only increases. The developers of CryptoDredge multiminer are not far behind these trends. The current version of the miner 0.12.0 differs from  0.11.0 in that now with the help of the miner CryptoDrerdge, owners of Nvidia video cards will be able to participate in the mining of NUMUS cryptocurrency (Dedal algorithm) and UOUCoins (Pipe algorithm). In total, CryptoDredge supports 31 mining algorithms on Nvidia video cards with CUDA 5.0 and later support. You can download the latest version of the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.