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cryptocurrency mixer Default cryptocurrencies are anonymous means of payment, but with one big caveat. Full anonymity is preserved only until you decide to transfer your cryptocurrency to a verified account of the exchange market or make an exchange for fiat money. Through these transactions, it will be easy to find out from the blockchain the entire history of your possession of a particular cryptocurrency, including the current state of your account. What can create problems with your personal security when there are substantial amounts on crypto accounts, because of which some people may decide on illegal actions against your personality. You can use anonymous cryptocurrency mixers, such as, to hide your original wallet where the main volume of cryptocurrency is stored.

For even greater anonymity, Bestmixer also has a website on the TOR network at this address.

how bitcoin mixers work

Let us briefly discuss the principle of operation of the mixer:

When creating a request for an anonymous transfer, you can choose by how many addresses to divide your withdrawal from the main wallet and in what percentage of the initial amount to divide by the received anonymous wallets. The greater the number of wallets at the exit, the more difficult it is to trace the starting address, but the higher the commission for paying transaction costs to miners.

The cryptocurrency is sent to the internal address of the service, which, depending on the level of complexity of blending chosen by you, falls into one or another address pool. It is worth noting that with the greater complexity of mixing, the commission of the service grows from 1% to 4%.

Bestmixer offers 3 levels of blending with the names Alpha Pool, Beta Pool and Gamma Pool.

Alpha Pool - 1% commission uses mixing only between customer funds that also decided to use this mixer with you.

Beta-pool - 2% commission is mixed with specially created wallets for this service with "clean" coins from the bestmixer reserve and with large requests from the alpha-pool.

Gamma Pool - 4% commission only mixes with specially created wallets for this service with "clean" coins from the bestmixer reserve

Another mechanism for tracing is the ability to choose the time of payment delay for each received wallet separately.

When creating your request for cryptocurrency mixing service, it also shows the mixing power in real time, which is convenient enough to find the best option for yourself between the commission for the service and anonymity.

You probably noticed at the top of the application screen a window for entering the Bestmixer code, but do not rush to search promotional codes for a discount, because This is essentially your personal number in the system, which you will receive after the first transaction on which the discount will accumulate depending on your volume. The minimum discount is 10% for a volume of 0.1 coins, and the maximum 50% for a volume of 100 coins.