Ethereum Binance pool - in earnest and for a long time

ethereum binance pool 0% feeBinance continues to evolve across all cryptocurrencies. If at the start it was an ordinary crypto exchange, now it is a complex of services related to the crypto industry and one of them is a mining pool from Binance. Earlier, a mining pool for cryptocurrencies was launched on the SHA-256 mining algorithm (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV). Yesterday, November 12, 2020, Binance launched a mining pool for the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum. During the month until December 12, 2020, the pool will not be charged a mining commission, and after that the commission will be only 0.5%, which is half as much as for other popular Ethereum pools. In addition, two more services are offered that are in demand among miners: instant withdrawal and exchange of cryptocurrency without the need to transfer ETH to another wallet (quickly and without commissions), the second service is Pool Savings - it allows you to store the mined cryptocurrency with a yield of 30%. If you are interested in this offer, then you need to register in the Binance system, after which all functions will be available to you, including the Ethereum Binance Pool.