Crypto-CoinZ - New Mining Profit Calculator

Crypto-CoinZ - is a new crypto-currency portal for miners and crypto-enthusiasts. The basis of this resource is the Mining Profit Calculator, similar to Profit-mine and WhatToMine resources. The calculator supports all altcoys based on the Equihash and NeoScrypt mining algorithms, as well as some coins on the algorithms X11, Xevan, Tribus, Lyra2Z and Scunkhash. Also, the calculator keeps calculating the profitability of mining for BitcoinGold (BTG), the new Bitcoin fork on the algorithm of Equihash.

The calculator has the ability to directly select models and the number of video cards AMD and NVIDIA, after which the system will automatically calculate the hash for the supported mining algorithms. The information on the hasheds of various video cards was obtained by collecting statistics from several pools. Available hashtrays for Nvidia video cards, starting with Geforce 7xx or newer series and for AMD starting with 2xx series and newer.

Crypto-CoinZ - новый калькулятор профитности майнинга

The main feature of this calculator, which distinguishes it from other analogs, is the ability to go from the calculator page directly to the official sites of supported coins and blockbuster explorers. In addition, for each of the coins, a list of recommended pools for mining is available. This allows users to first calculate the most profitable coin at the moment, and then immediately go to the right pool for setting up the mining process.

Most recently, the site team began to share technical guides on various topics related to crypto currency mining, and also opened a section of the site dedicated to the repair of equipment, which can be really useful for those who, for example, want to restore old video cards. The site also provides monitoring of network complexity and hash for all crypts that are present in the calculator. The maximum period of available statistics is 90 days.

Crypto-CoinZ - новый калькулятор профитности майнинга

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