Ethminer v0.19.0 beta2 removed restrictions on the size of the DAG file in 4Gb for OpenCL

ethereum dag file errorThe AMD drivers for Radeon video cards have a limit on the maximum file size of 4Gb, respectively, the same 4Gb restriction also applies to DAG files created in the memory of DAG video cards when mining Ethereum cryptocurrency. Those. even if your video card has 8Gb of video memory, then with a DAG file of more than 4Gb it still could not work due to limitations in the drivers. To solve this problem, you need to wait for AMD to solve this problem, which may not happen for all video cards or may not happen at all in the short term.

However, in the latest build of HiveOS, the latest beta version of ETHMiner 0.19.0 beta 2, which solves this problem right now, became available. This beta version is not yet available on the official developer branch on GitHub , so you can only get acquainted with the possibility of downloading a DAG file larger than 4Gb to AMD video cards in HiveOS at the moment.

For the Ethereum cryptocurrency, the DAG file will exceed 4Gb by the end of 2020.