TT-miner 2.1.12 - support for ProgPow, MTP, Ethash, UBGhash and Myraid-Groestl algorithms

TT-miner or TradeTec miner is a multiminer for Nvidia video cards with support for several mining algorithms at once: ProgPow, MTP, Ethash, UBGhash and Myraid-Groestl. TT-miner is distributed as a miner with a closed source code and a commission of 1%. At the same time, the author offers his product only for Windows platforms (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10), but a linux version should appear soon. At the moment, the miner shows a good result on the MTP (Zcoin) algorithm. For the GTX1080ti video card, the hash rate on the MTP algorithm will be around 3.3 MH / s, which is close to the popular GRIN in mining profitability. For the Ethash and MTP algorithms, you can also connect to the Nicehash pool. Download the latest version of TT-miner on the Bitcointalk forum.