TeamRedMiner 0.5.5 - mining on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm using AMD video cards

teamredminer_amd_grin31TeamRedMiner in the new version 0.5.5 received support for the mining algorithm Cuckatoo31 (cryptocurrency GRIN). To start mining GRIN31 you need a video card with 8GB of video memory. Video card Vega 56 gives 0.9 - 1.0 H/s, Vega64 - 1.1-1.3H/s, Vega 7 - 1.25-1.4H/s, RX580 8Gb - 0.5-0.6H/s depending on overclocking and memory latency. You can calculate profitability for your video cards on the website TeamRedMiner itself charges 2.5% commission for using. Download on GitHub miner is possible for Windows and Linux versions.