Zjazz 0.991 cuda miner with support for X22i mining algorithm SUQA coin

zjazz experemental x22i suqa mining Miner zjazz initially supports the Cuckoo Circle mining algorithm used by Merit  and BitCash cryptocurrencies. But it seems that, apart from Cuckoo, this miner will officially support another new X22i algorithm for mining cryptocurrency SUQA. Currently, the X22i algorithm is supported only in the experimental version of zjazz 0.991. In this version, only Suqa mining cryptocurrency is available on Nvidia video cards under Linux and Windows OS. Download SUQA improved experimental release v0.991. on Github

Possible hashrate compared to ccminer is almost doubled and is:

GTX970 2800KH / s
GTX980 3250KH / s
GTX980Ti 4000KH / s
GTX1050Ti 1700KH / s
GTX1060 3000KH / s
GTX1070Ti 4300KH / s
GTX1080Ti 8500KH / s
RTX2080Ti 11000KH / s

Testing was conducted on a version for Windows OC, according to the assurances of developers version for Linux shows even higher results