Coinmarketcap - from September 2, 2019 changes the rating of cryptocurrencies

coinmarketcap_logoCryptocurrency service provides a cryptocurrency rating service by their capitalization and several other useful functions. From September 2, 2019, the rating of cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap will undergo significant changes, as in addition to capitalization, the cryptocurrency rating will also take into account the trading volume and compliance with paragraph 10 of the rules of the site itself. In accordance with this rule, the entire list of cryptocurrencies is divided into 3 groups: from 1 to 200 places, from 201 places and cryptocurrencies out of rank.

To get into the top 200 cryptocurrency must have the appropriate capitalization and, in addition, meet the following requirements:

  • Our ability to verify the project’s supply information with no incongruities
  • Evaluation of the project by 8 points (uniqueness, innovation, team, development, activity, community interest, etc.)
  • Significant liquidity/trading activity with normal bid-ask spreads across sufficient sources of market data
  • Absence of significant price discrepancies across CMC-supported exchanges
  • The asset is traded on at least three non-decentralized exchanges that possess a number of the following attributes:
    1. DATA Partner
    2. Regulated/Licensed
    3. Publishes granular API endpoints
    4. Active product development and communication from the team
    5. Active/engaged community
    6. Accredited/Audited by a credible 3rd party

To get into the rating of cryptocurrencies 201 and below, you only need to have a confirmed market capitalization. Actuall yto this criterion the entire rating on was previously built

All remaining currencies (tokens) that cannot verify the market capitalization fall into cryptocurrencies without a rank. This cryptocurrencies are sorted by trading volume in 24 hours, and not by capitalization as for other categories.

With the introduction of a new methodology for calculating the rating of cryptocurrencies, many crypto assets can greatly lose in their positions on Coinmarketcap, even the authors of this technique themselves claim that a drop for some cryptocurrencies may amount to 1000 points or more. You can read more about the new rating at this link (item 10)