Guaranteed payout of up to 6 BNB to Binance dual currency investment participants.

6bnb dual investFrom March 14 to April 3, 2023, the Binance crypto exchange is holding a promotion among users of the Dual Currency Investment service. The essence of the promotion is that, depending on the amount of funds invested in the allotted time, each participant will receive a guaranteed prize in the BNB cryptocurrency. The payout can be from 0.01 BNB for an investment of 1,000 USD and up to 6 BNB for an investment of more than $1 million.

Table of rewards for participation in the promotion Dual investments on the Binance exchange:

Binance double investment

Rules for participation in the promotion:

1 Registration on the Binance exchange (20% refback and 600USD bonuses)

2 Get verified

3 Click on the "Join the action" button on this page.

4 Those who have already participated in the previous promotion for investors in double investments cannot participate in this promotion.

5 Rewards will be paid on April 17, 2023 in the form of a voucher with BNB tokens in the Reward Center section.



What is Dual Investment Binance

Dual investments from Binance is a special service that allows clients to earn money by investing their funds at a percentage that can reach up to 500% per annum or even more. But with one condition: if the price goes beyond a certain threshold, then no interest is paid, and your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) is sold at the rate set in the investment contract.

For example:

You have Bitcoin that you are willing to sell for 25,000 USDT at a current price of 24,000 USDT. Those. Bitcoin is simply lying on the exchange account, waiting for the price of BTC to rise. During this time, while you are waiting for the right price, you can invest your bitcoin in Dual Currency Investments. Choose a sell price of 25000USDT and a placement period of 7 days. The smaller the difference in the sale price in dual-currency investments and the current exchange rate, the greater the percentage of remuneration. Let's say in our case the Binance exchange offers 100% per annum. Those. if after 7 days the price is not higher than 25000 USDT, you will get your BTC back plus 2% of the invested amount also in BTC (2% fee 100% per annum for 7 days of investment). Otherwise (the price of bitcoin is above 25,000 USDT), you will receive USDT in your account in 7 days at the BTC selling rate for 25,000 USDT without interest.

As a result, you will sell your BTC at the desired rate or receive income from investing in bi-currency investments if the value of the cryptocurrency does not reach the desired threshold.

You can also invest in lowering the value of cryptocurrencies. In this case, you invest USDT or BUSD and choose the BTC purchase price.

dual currency investment binance