Ethereum and Gas Cost in Chrome and FireFox Browser App

Ethereum gas price app browser chrome and firefoxInvestors and users of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and various tokens on the ETH network constantly need to monitor the cost of gas in the Ethereum network and the cost of the cryptocurrency itself. To make a transfer or a transaction for the purchase and sale of tokens on the Ethereum network with a minimum commission. There are already many websites or phone apps that show the price of gas in real time. Now we will tell you another convenient way how you can constantly monitor the Ethereum rate and the cost of transactions from the browser using the browser application. This method is suitable for those who constantly use the browser for work or play. In this case, the icon with the necessary information will be available in the application window, regardless of the open tab in your browser.

The application is called Ethereum Gas Price and you can download it for two browsers: Chrome and FireFox

By default, after installation, you will see the following image of a gas station with numbers:


The number 12 against the background of a gas station is the price of a standard transaction in GWEI on the Ethereum network, in which 21,000 gas is spent.

If you click on the application shortcut, you will see an expanded display of the price per transaction for different transfer speeds: Turbo, Fast, Normal, Slow

ethereum gas price app

In the Ethereum Gas Price application for the browser, the user can independently specify in the settings (gear icon) the gas price for his usual operations, for example, issuing an NFT token or DeFi exchange of tokens for Uniswap. By default, the cost of gas for the operation is indicated at 21,000 (transfer of Ethereum from one address to another). Gas price display is provided in two options: GWEI and USD.

For investors who do not care about the current price of transactions in the Ether network, but the price of Ether itself is more important, in the settings you can also specify the display of the price of the cryptocurrency instead of the price of gas, as shown in the figure below.

Ethereum Gas Price app settings menuEthereum gas price browser application settings

As a conclusion, we can say that the use of the Ethereum Gas Price browser application will allow users who actively use browsers throughout the day to monitor changes in the price of gas or the price of Ether itself in real time without switching attention to specialized sites or services, which can save a lot time for active users of cryptocurrencies.