NBminer 25.1 - supports Eaglesong algorithm for AMD and Nvidia video cards

nbminer_eaglesong_nervos_miningNBMiner was primarily released as a miner for Nvidia video cards, but in the latest version 25.1, not only Nvidia's video cards, but also AMD received support for the new Eaglesong algorithm (Nervos or CKB cryptocurrency). A distinctive feature of this algorithm is the ability to combine it with Ethash. In other words, using NBMiner, dual mining CKB + ETH is available, which will improve your mining profitability. Because The eaglesong algorithm itself requires only 0.1 GB of video memory, so you should not expect a serious drop in the Ethash hash with dual mining. NBMiner charges a commission of 0.65% for Ethash, 2% for Eaglesong and 3% for dual mining ETH + CKB. You can download the latest version of NBMiner on GitHub.