NBMiner 22.3 - increased the hashrate of Nvidia video cards using the Cuckatoo31 algorithm

nbminer grin31 nvidia miningOver the past day, two versions of the miner NBminer 22.2 and 22.3 appeared on GitHub at once. The release of both versions is aimed primarily at improving the performance of Nvidia video cards on the Cuckatoo31 mining algorithm for GRIN cryptocurrency. In version 22.2, performance has been improved for video cards with 8GB of video memory, and in the next version 2.23, the hashrate increase has already touched top-end GTX1080Ti and RTX2080Ti video cards. For the RTX1070Ti video card, a performance of 0.94 H / s is claimed, for a GTX1080Ti - 1.56 H / s, for a RTX2080Ti - 1.65 H / s. Because NBMiner is distributed with closed source code, so a 2% commission is charged for using this software.