Gminer 1.74 - improved performance on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm (GRIN31)

gminer-174 grtin31 hashrateIn the latest version of Gminer 1.74, the performance of Nvidia graphics cards on the Cuckatoo31 mining algorithm was improved by about 5-10%. For best results in mining on this algorithm, it is not recommended to use Windows 10; instead, it is better to use HiveOS or older versions of Windows 7 (8.1). We also note that to start mining GRIN31, you need at least 8Gb of video memory, i.e. GTX1660, GTX1060, and RTX2060 graphics cards will not work. Also, over the past few versions, developers have added support for the Ethash and Eaglesong algorithm to Gminer, which did not bring anything new compared to other popular miners. You can download Gminer on Github.