Gminer 1.21 fast Equihash and Cuckaroo29 miner for Nvidia video cards

Gminer was one of the first to introduce support for the Equihash 150.5 algorithm for mining Beam, so when running the sensational cryptocurrency GRIN, they did not stand aside and released their version of the miner with the support of the Cuckaroo29 algorithm. In the current version 1.21 the miner's productivity on this algorithm was increased by 29%, but still it is inferior to Bminer by 5-10% during mining at GRIN.



 If Bminer does not suit you in terms of stability, especially for owners of video cards with GDDR5x memory, then Gminer is a great alternative. For example, on GTX1080Ti video cards without overclocking, Gminer 1.21 issues 5.8GPS at mining GRIN. Another negative point is the development commission of 2%, which is more than 1% for Bminer. Download Gminer on the Bitcointalk forum for Windows and Linux.