SRBminer 1.7.8 - improving the performance of AMD Radeon Vega graphics cards with HBM2 memory

srbminer 1.8.4 amd radeon vega hasrate boostThe latest version of SRBminer 1.7.8 as well as TeamRedMiner  added the ability to change the memory timings HBM2 installed on AMD's Vega video cards. Unlike TeamRedMiner, in SRBminer, the timings can only be changed using the previously prepared Tweak Profile settings, which are only 5. The higher the Tweak Profile digit, the more aggressive memory settings will be used, which may not suit all video cards. The performance gain from using a new command can be from 9% to 18%, depending on the algorithm. SRBminer supports all known variations of the Cryptonight algorithm, starting with the very first debut with the Monero cryptocurrency. The commission for using the program is 0.85%, and it is available only for Windows platforms. Download SRBMiner on the Bitcointalk forum.