Bminer 15.0 - support for 8Gb cards on the algorithm Cuckatoo31 (except WIndows 10)

Bminer 15.0 can offer GRIN mining using the Cuckatoo31 algorithm on video cards with 8Gb video memory (GTX1070, RTX2070, RTX2080) previously available only for GTX1080ti and RTX2080ti. Starting mining with 8Gb will only work on Linux and Windows 7, Windows 10 is currently not available due to the use of more video memory. The transition from Cuckaroo29 to Сuckatoo31 is more than justified, because the GTX1070 video card on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm yields a yield of 70% more than on Cuckaroo29. The simplest solution for farm owners on Windows 10 is to switch to HiveOS (up to 3 rigs for free) or MinerBabeOS (1% commission). Download the miner on