lolminer 0.9.7 - increased hashrate of AMD video cards on GRIN32 algorithm by 18%

lolminer097 cuckatoo32 GRIN32Lolminer was one of the first to support the mining algorithm Cuckatoo32 (GRIN32), which appeared after the hard fork of the GRIN cryptocurrency on January 16, 2020. GRIN32 replaces the current mining algorithm GRIN31. Replacement as it usually happens is not instant. It is stretched for a long period of time during which the complexity of mining on GRIN31 will increase, making it not profitable at the same time. In version 0.9.7, Lolminer offers an 18% increased hashrate on the GRIN32 algorithm. For AMD video cards with GCN architecture, performance gains were achieved only for Linux, unlike RDNA, for which the hashrate on Windows and Linux is the same. You can download the miner and get acquainted with the hashrate of video cards on GitHub.