The next BEAM hard fork is scheduled for June 28 (block 777777)

beam hardfork 777777The crypto project BEAM announced its plans for the upcoming hard fork, which will have to happen on block number 777777. Wallets earlier than version 5.0 will stop working correctly, so users will have to upgrade them to version 5.0 or later. The executable files for raising the node (Node) and wallet will be released in late May, about 1 month before the hard fork.

 In the future hard fork, an updated BeamHash III mining algorithm will be introduced, in which memory operation will be optimized, which will help more fully use the capabilities of video cards. By increasing the bandwidth when working with video memory, the potential advantage of other devices, especially FPGA, will be reduced. A lower dependence on computing power in BeamHash III will reduce the potential advantage of multi-chip ASIC miners compared to GPUs and at the same time allow the GPU to mine BEAM using lower clock speeds without large losses in mining performance. Thanks to the new mining algorithm, it is possible the development and production of ASIC chips will become unprofitable. Read full information from the official announcement of the next BEAM hard fork.